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Hilary + Jimmy // Wedding

Wow, it has been a long time since I have written on this blog. I've been through a lot of transition and change since you all have last read, but I will save that for another post. This is about Hilary + Jimmy. I had the honor of photographing their wedding in Reno, Nevada earlier last month and it was a blast. I met Hilary through Anna, my girlfriend. They have been roommates since they started graduate school together. Because of that, i've been able to witness part of the journey that Hilary and Jimmy went through. Hilary and Jimmy are a dynamic couple, born out of long distance and cross fit! They got married in Camp WeChMe in the southern end of Reno, Nevada. There was worry that it would be wet day because it had been raining the day before, but the we were met with beautiful blue skies on that Saturday morning. Their wedding was filled with goofyness, heartfelt moments, lip-sync battles, line dancing, joy and laughter. Enjoy this preview of Hilary + Jimmy.





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