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Second Sole + Nike

A couple of weeks ago, I got the honor of working with the store, second sole and NIKE! My task was to document the entire event during the two days. It was a fun time and I got to meet some really cool people. And it basically motivated me to pick up running again. SO, I am trying to run everyday. So far, it's working...hah.

Here are some images. Nothing too special. Just trying to get natural interaction between people.

They had a photobooth set up for me to shoot at.


The Crew at second sole and nike!

Day 2! Stretching!

Run Run Run!

Some people who are going to run the marathon!

getting fitted for shoes. lunar glides 3's!

Victor Huang


A Little Late Osama

I was looking through some recent footage from my little flip mino and I saw that I had some footage from the night they announced Osama's death. So here is some video from it. What's funny about this video is that my friend Elle....kind of abandoned me to go find her friends so that she could jump in the lake. FAIL! jk =)

here is a video with a lot of my footage in it from that night. It was taken with my 5d mark ii

And if you haven't seen the images from that night. Here are some you can look at.

this one got into AP and spread around the US.



The quarter is over and I passed all my classes! Yay. Summer is here and my house' ac is broken. booo. But everything is good and it's going to be an amazing summer. A lot of my traveling/work plans fell through and it looks like I will be in Columbus the majority of the summer. I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of things that I want to accomplish this summer.

1. Teach chris how to drive =)

2. do my devos every morning

3. work out every day (running/lifting)

4. hangout/have fun (everyday!)

HAHA..what a small list of things. Oh well. I also am taking one class for the first half this summer and I also have an internship with CMH (commercial studio).

I will keep everyone updated with vlogs and posts about stuff. Should be a nice fun summer!

I leave you with a image I took during finals week. This is the lead singer of the band This Love. They performed at Newport. Pretty sweeeeet!

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Here is a different angle of the concert.

Victor Huang =)

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