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Diana // Fall

Here is an image shot from my diana camera. I don't know what I think of the diana. It's a "toy camera", plastic, simple, it has 3 modes...sunny, cloudy with some sun, and cloudy, effectively making it f8, f12, f16? There is two shutter speeds...1/60 and bulb. To me, this is like...opposite of where I usually go. I love technology but the diana makes everything...simple? IDK what I think about it yet. It makes everything look different? Anyways, I'm just putting some work out there for you all to see.

Victor Huang Photography

Columbus Wedding Photography


The Beginning

As part of my Alternative Camera class, I am required to journal about my experiments. So for this I really wanted to experiment with digital pinhole because I have heard good things about it. So here are some images of what I did to prepare myself for pinhole

I first bought a body cap

I then drilled a hole into the middle, so this is what it looks like on the camera.

I drilled a piece of brass.

I then measured the distance of the sensor to the hole of the body cap to figure out the optimal diameter hole.

After that I tape the pinhole to the body cap and went and shot. This is what I came up with.

As you can see, the images are not sharp but it has an interesting look to it.

I think this is probably my favorite images so far because there is some sharpness to it.

We also found at the with flash it sometimes get a little bit sharper. So I might want to experiment with some lighting with pinhole

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