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Libscomb vs OSU Men’s Basketball

shot basketball yesterday with Jeff. Fun game to shoot. There were good dunks. OSU won. oh yeah, happy thanksgiving everyone!

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_MG_5235 copy

_MG_5258 copy

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This weekend was chock full of sports! First off OSU Men's Hockey. I don't like shooting hockey, it's super difficult because they are going everywhere and it's hard to anticipate where they will go. For the first period I was inbetween the benches. There wasn't any glass protecting me. It was kind of scary. Second period I was behind glass shooting through a hole. It was a lot safer._MG_1737-2

_MG_1582-1 copy

After that was soccer. I will say that my favorite sport to shoot is soccer. It's a lot more relaxed._MG_2954-2 copy

_MG_3026-3 copy

Then tonight was basketball, that was interesting. It was my first time shooting, and my camera sucks at sports. So I missed focus a lot. But overall, I enjoyed shooting._MG_3637-1 copy

_MG_3844-1 copy

I saw Paul Woo there...doesn't he look so cool?_MG_3540-1

OK So this came up during the game I was shooting and all of a sudden this thing came up in one of my pictures. Don't know what the heck happened. Can anyone explain this? God shining down on him? haha

_MG_3812-3 copy_MG_3811-2 copy_MG_3810-1 copy


OSU vs Minnesota

What a busy weekend! I was able to photograph the women's hockey game for UWeekly friday night. It was my first time photographing hockey, so it took a bit to get use to it. The lighting in the arena is terrible and they don't have shoot holes so I for the first period I shot through the glass. That was not fun, it distorted a lot of my images. So for the second period I went above and shot down at the players which was a lot better. Anyways, here are some of good ones...

20091029-_MG_0388 copy

20091029-_MG_0297 copy

The calm before the storm....

20091029-_MG_0212 copy

20091029-_MG_0162 copy

This is an interesting one. I really like the composition of this one.


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