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Oxford Study Tour UK Day 7

It was hard this morning to wake up. I think a lot of the group is really exhausted from traveling and doing things every day. We coached it over to St. Andrews today, the birthplace of golf! St. Andrews is set right next to the North Sea. When we got there it was really nice and sunny.


We walked to Martyrs Monument, which was built to commemorate four men executed there for their Protestant beliefs.


We then walked to St. Andrews Castle, which has a rich history and story behind it. We listened to a scintillating lecture by Dr. Yarnell. There was a tunnel that was dug to try to destroy the walls so we got to walk down into it.






After that, we walked to St. Andrews Cathedral, which is more like St. Andrews Ruins. There was a museum and a tower there that you could climb. I decided to climb it after lunch.


Afterwards we were dismissed to explore the town and eat lunch. We ate at some chippie store (fish and chips). It was delicious. We went to climb the tower after lunch. By then it had started to rain lightly. By time we got down, it was light, but steady. We saw a stone pier at the top of the tower so we decided to go down and explore it.


The sea was so…surreal looking. The colors were so different. If you haven’t seen my instagram pics, go check them out at


After that, we sought some shelter, at an ice cream store haha. I got an affagato and then we headed back to bus to go back home. Once we got back, we had dinner and then I went to go climb the Arthur’s Seat again. One reason being that it is so beautiful and I wanted another time lapse….the second reason being is, I simply have gained a lot of weight these past couple of months with being in Columbus, New York, and now the UK. I haven’t been able to work out and do crossfit, so my gut has now gotten larger. It’s always been there, but now, my pants are too tight. UGH, It’s sad, but the food has been delicious. It’s the price I pay for being a foodie.

I will post the timelapse tomorrow. But here is a preview photograph of what is to come...


Tomorrow, we explore Edinburgh so I’m excited to see the city. Need to research more and see what’s hopping around here.

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