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Oxford Study Tour UK Day 8

Today was our last day in Edinburgh, Scotland. In the morning, we went to Edinburgh Castle. The Scottish royal crown and jewels are there. There were a lot of tourists. Here is a timelapse of the people with the city and the clouds. Thought it would be very interesting






Afterwards, we walked down the royal mile and learned about John Knox. We then were dismissed to explore the area. I went to get lunch at this place called Oink. They roast a whole pig and then tear it apart there. They had a haggis spread. SO I finally had haggis! And it was really good. It had a nutty flavor with meat and spices.


After lunch, I stopped by a coffee shop that had just opened up 6 weeks ago. They made a mean aeropress.

A couple of us then walked down to the palace of the Queen then walked back. After dinner, we had a lecture on Baptist at the foot of Arthur’s Seat.

I then hiked up for the last time up the mountain. I was going to do another timelapse but I decided to just enjoy my last sunset on the mountain. It was great. This is the footage from yesterday's trek.

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  1. Oohhh I liked that timelapse with both the clouds and the crowds of people milling about!

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