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Oxford Study Tour UK Day 9-10

So the last couple of days have been more downtime. Yesterday, we drove from Scotland back to Oxford. Along the way, we stopped in Gainsborough to see the Great Hall. It was super interesting as they had kept it as original as possible. We learned a little bit about medieval culture and also about the Victorian era. During the drive, Dr. Finn and Dr. Yarnell had a great discussion/lecture on Baptist heritage: past, present, and future. This piqued more of my interest because it dealt with our modern times and things that are happening now.


After we arrived in Oxford, Dr. Matt Queen, our evangelism professor, preached sermon on Mark 2.

The next morning, we had a wonderful lecture on evangelism by Dr. Queen. He truly is a man that loves the Lord and loves people. I went to lunch with him and some other folks and had burgers.

Afterwards, I came back and took a giant nap. It’s been pretty exhausting traveling around, so this day of rest was really good for me. I need to recharge so I can be aware and present for the rest of this trip. I woke up and went to Evensong at Christ Church. Which his basically an Anglican church service that is mostly sung? I think? I went with Heejung and Yoojin. I think the general consensus was that weren’t really impressed with the singing by the choir. I didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t feel like it was very appropriate to that in a service.

These are some other photographs from the trip that I didn't take.


I wanted to devote a portion of this to differences I have found interesting while in England.

In the UK:
Fries are called chips, and chips are call crisps.
Bathrooms or Restrooms are called Toilets
The sinks have two faucets, one for hot and one for cold.
They drive on the opposite side of the road, which you probably already knew. But when walking, I always have to remind myself to look opposite.
England is more diverse than I thought. There are many different languages spoken here.
Food is expensive.
At KFC, they only have original recipe, no extra crispy.
Burger King still calls their fries (chips), “fries”.
Haggis is actually really good.
A lot of places don’t serve “coffee”. They serve espresso in water. Coffee is called, filtered coffee.
It’s hard to understand a Scottish accent.

Tomorrow, we go into London and will be doing some street evangelism. Also I will be watching Les Mis! Woohoo

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  1. Thank you, Victor. I really enjoy reading your report and pictures…. Love, Dad

  2. that’s awesome lol i like the differences you noticed haha good times breh

  3. thanks man, it’s been a great trip so far.

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