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The Power of Storytelling

Man, if any of you guys are interested in photojournalism or storytelling through photography. This is the talk to watch! I was so inspired after watching this lecture by Ryan Lobo


Blogs you should read!

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend. I didn't do much photography this weekend, it was all eating! hah. I ate so much food and my stomach is growing larger as a result. But I thought it would be fun to post some photo blogs that I read and subscribe to. (great film wedding shooter) (great sports shooter) (wildlife/landscape photographer) (mixed media. This guy is using breakthrough canon video technology) (great photographer, always inspires and motivates me to go out and shoot.) (Amazing wedding photographer) (super famous commercial photographer) (speedlight master/photography wisdom guru)

There are so many more, but these are the heavy hitters and they post the most! So! Enjoy! All these photographers are full of wisdom, tips and techniques.

Anyways, having mostly everyone home reminded me of the summer and during the summer I went on a mission trip to taiwan. Looking through all the images made me miss taiwan and everyone there... =( Here is a shot of me and the kids. I really want to go back this summer, but I don't know what God has in store for me. We shall see.

IMG_4593 copy


Libscomb vs OSU Men’s Basketball

shot basketball yesterday with Jeff. Fun game to shoot. There were good dunks. OSU won. oh yeah, happy thanksgiving everyone!

_MG_5210 copy

_MG_5235 copy

_MG_5258 copy

_MG_5297 copy

_MG_5333 copy

_MG_5362 copy

_MG_5394 copy

_MG_5413 copy

_MG_5432 copy

_MG_5585 copy

_MG_5612 copy

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