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Retreat recap

Hey all

This year during retreat I didn't really have time to take a lot photographs because I was really focusing on my video but I was still able to take some. I thought I would show you my favorites! Actually most of the time, I had other people use my camera to shoot. But here are my fav's that I shot.

I thought this image showed the person trying his hardest while in the background, the people are cheering him on!

I love this image because it's at the peak moment of worship. The peak moment of emotion.

Here is a look in my crazy life. From left to right, me, my brother, and my two cousins. This is our panther pose! Photo credit: Anna.


Happy New Year

Hey happy new year everyone. I spent the last minutes of my new year praising God with my church family and my real family! It's been a whirlwind of a week because I have been serving at 4C winter retreat! YAY praise God, sacrificial love and overcomers! WHOOO

Anyways, I made a video for it, and it is my first video with my cameras. I feel as I grow in photography and art, I will also delve into the world of video also! I'm so excited to learn all these new things about a different medium. Anyways, here is the video.

Here are my new years resolutions:

shoot more video/edit more video...

pray more, do my devos..

love sacrificially more

there are more...I just have not had enough time to process...sigh. Anyways, have a good new years.


Merry Christmas!

Hey from all of us, (me) at Victor Huang Photography. I would love to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year! I've been on a creative break for a bit to rest my brain and to catch up with family and friends! So I should be back in full blast once the new year starts! So remember to celebrate the birth of Jesus and love on your family and friends! Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho

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