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Kristin and Aaron // Wedding Highlight

I didn't get to meet Kristin and Aaron until the week before the wedding. They had met at OSU in the marching band and their love flourished from there. The day went off without a hitch with Kristin and Aaron having a "first prayer" without even seeing each other. It was such a beautiful moment. I was introduced through our mutual friend Grant who actually filmed the wedding. It was fun shooting with the Smucker brothers again. You can find Grant's work here. They held their wedding in Westerville, Ohio at the The Church of the Messiah. Kristin and Aaron held their reception at the Blackwell near OSU campus. They had an awesome live band at their wedding called Street Players. They were fantastic.




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For those who follow this blog, I know I haven't been very good at updating people on my life. I struggle sometimes whether to keep it strictly professional, like just putting photo jobs up, or to divulge more personal life stuff up. That being said, I haven't been shooting with my big cameras very much so I don't have much to show for. I still practice and make sure to keep up with the technology and techniques. Seminary has kept me more in the books and instruments.

It has been a valuable two years in Fort Worth. For those who don't know, my purpose in Fort Worth, was not for my business, but for a different purpose. I felt called to go into pastoral ministry, in worship and music. Because of that, I basically had to drop my business and put it on hold indefinitely. I was in a good place, getting more weddings, contract work for Nike and Red Bull, and the wedding video side was growing, but I felt a different calling.

Although I moved to Texas, and even though I wasn't actively advertising, I still was able to get the occasional wedding or shoot. I still loved to photograph weddings and portrait sessions, so it was good. School and church has kept me busy but...I'm basically done!

So I'm moving again! I'm going to be moving to New York City for an internship for 5 months starting in August. This summer before I move will be full of traveling. I will be going to Columbus, Philadelphia, NYC, Washington DC, and Oxford, England! I plan on mixing this blog from professional to a mix of professional and personal stories. I will posting updates more regularly as I begin the next chapter of my life. Stay tuned!


Here's a picture of me and my girlfriend at the Fort Wort Zoo. We started dating when I moved to Fort Worth....unfortunately, she lives in California, pursuing a Ph.D (so smart), so that means long distance for us. But we are in it for the long haul.1553491_10154093157595508_107055507707445122_o copy

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Maggie + Ethan // Engagement

Engagement sessions are always fun to photograph. Not only do I get to explore the city and see new places, there is no rush and no urgency to finish a shoot, like a wedding. Instead, I can take my time with the couple, making sure that each location is thoroughly explored. It was a beautiful sunny day with surprisingly cool weather. Crazy right? Texas weather around this time is usually getting hotter, but we have been lucky to have some cooler days. I was lucky to be able to photograph Maggie and Ethan's engagement photographs the weekend after their proposal. I really enjoy being able document a couple's story as they move towards marriage. If you guys haven't seen Ethan's proposal, check it out here.

For Maggie and Ethan's engagement shoot, we started out at the Seminary, moved to Trinity Park, then the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, and finished at the Methodist church downtown and Melt's yellow wall. Maggie and Ethan were both so photogenic and were pretty awesome at following my posing directions.

maggie+ethan proposal-1

maggie+ethan proposal-2

maggie+ethan proposal-3

maggie+ethan proposal-4

maggie+ethan proposal-5Maggie wanted some pictures with a hammock, and I just fell in love with this series!

maggie+ethan proposal-6 copy

maggie+ethan proposal-8

maggie+ethan proposal-9

maggie+ethan proposal-10

maggie+ethan proposal-11Ethan is a funny guy, so we naturally had some fun.

maggie+ethan proposal-12going on an adventure!

maggie+ethan proposal-13

After Trinity Park, we headed to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. Ethan was going to originally propose here. You can read more about that story heremaggie+ethan proposal-14

maggie+ethan proposal-15

maggie+ethan proposal-16It was really windy, so Maggie was constantly adjusting her hair.

maggie+ethan proposal-17

But when the wind died down, it was perfect!maggie+ethan proposal-18

maggie+ethan proposal-19

This yellow wall at Melt is so fun to take photographs at.maggie+ethan proposal-20

maggie+ethan proposal-21

maggie+ethan proposal-22

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