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California // San Francisco

This past weekend, I flew from LA to San Francisco to meet with my friend George, he recently just moved there for a job. On Saturday, we ate some dim sum, then visited a few motorcycle dealerships since he lives so close to a lot of them, after that we went to visit the Golden Gate Bridge. We drove to the other side and up the mountain. It was view was breathtaking! For dinner we went to Orenchi Ramen. This is hands down the best ramen I have ever had. The broth has just the right amount of saltiness to it. It didn't make me too thirsty. The egg was soft boiled so the yolk was still runny and gooey.

The next day we went to church and ate at some Vietnamese fast food place. It was alright, but it was super cheap! For dinner we went to House of Prime Rib (suggested by Josh). It's famous for guessed it, prime rib. Go watch the vlog for more information on that.

Overall, a very fun trip! Thanks George for hosting me! I'll be sure to come back!


Look at that view! Click on the image for a bigger view. I give you permission to use it as a wallpaper if you would like. If someone asks, you know who to refer them to.. *wink*




What was really cool was that up in the mountains, the clouds would come up and over the crest and you would get this mist around you. You basically were in a cloud! It was very windy!










California // OC

Orange county! One of my favorite places. Not only is the weather/beach/girls are amazing, my relatives live here! I photographed my grandparents last time I was here. Jeff and I traveled up Monday morning from San Diego to OC.

My cousins were amazing hosts and took us everywhere. We first ate breakfast/lunch at this restaurant called Bruxie in downtown orange. They serve waffle sandwiches. It was really good! Afterward we headed to Newport Beach where we went paddle boarding. We ate some more scrumptious food at Taco Mesa and then went back to nap. That evening we randomly got massages and then ate boiling crab! Boiling crab was so good, it is officially my favorite seafood place. They bring out the seafood in bags and you eat with your hands. The sauce they cook it in is amazing. It was delicious. All of these things you can see on the vlog.

After dinner this is where Jeff and I separated! =( He went back to SD and I stayed in OC. Our adventure came to an end!


The next day I went fishing with my grandpa. This is something that I have done almost every time I come to visit. My Grandpa loves fishing. We went to go pier fishing at Huntington Beach. After fishing we ate lunch at ebisu and then we chilled at the house playing some guitar. We went to dinner at Class 302, a boba shop. Got my beef noodle soup on and some amazing boba. I got to meet up with Gigi a friend from back home that works in Cali now. It was a good time catching up with her and talking about old times!

There isn't as many seagulls here as there is in Miami, and they look so much cleaner.


You can tell you caught a sardine when the scales come off easily when you go to grab the fish

Sardines and Smelt

Aunt cleaning fishies


Fifth Leg // Las Vegas

We left Utah early in the morning and drove through Utah, Arizona, and into Nevada. It was very interesting seeing the massive change in climate and landscape. From Snowy Mountains, to desert mountains, to flat desert.

Once in Las Vegas, we hit the strip and ended up at the Bellagio where we ate dinner at the buffet. It was really good! All you can eat crab legs! While eating dinner, we met this man who was a local and he told us the low-down on Las Vegas. We chatted about celebrities and casinos, and even about the prostitution in Vegas. Did you know that prostitution is actually illegal in Vegas but not in Nevada?! I didn't know that.

After saying goodbye, we hit the strip once again to check out the Bellagio's dancing fountain. We wanted to also see the Mirage Volcano, but we didn't want to wait 30 minutes for it. It was slightly sprinkling/windy so the Siren show at Treasure Island wasn't playing.

We ended up in the Riviera where we watched a stand up comedy show. Good stuff.

Overall though it was short, my Vegas experience was good.

Tomorrow we head to San Diego! I get to see my cousin! Whee









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