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The quarter is over and I passed all my classes! Yay. Summer is here and my house' ac is broken. booo. But everything is good and it's going to be an amazing summer. A lot of my traveling/work plans fell through and it looks like I will be in Columbus the majority of the summer. I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of things that I want to accomplish this summer.

1. Teach chris how to drive =)

2. do my devos every morning

3. work out every day (running/lifting)

4. hangout/have fun (everyday!)

HAHA..what a small list of things. Oh well. I also am taking one class for the first half this summer and I also have an internship with CMH (commercial studio).

I will keep everyone updated with vlogs and posts about stuff. Should be a nice fun summer!

I leave you with a image I took during finals week. This is the lead singer of the band This Love. They performed at Newport. Pretty sweeeeet!

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Here is a different angle of the concert.

Victor Huang =)


Red Bull City Swarm

This past weekend I headed over to Cincinnati for Red Bull City Swarm. It was held in downtown Cincinnati at Fountain Square. Red Bull City Swarm was the first of its kind in the red bull world! The concept behind it was bringing go cart racing in an urban environment. Really cool concept and event.

It was rather difficult to cover this event by myself. In addition, the track was large enough that I had to cover a lot of ground in order to get shots and I missed a lot because I was in a different area. Definitely a two person job.

Shooting with the 1d mark iv was so much better than the 5d mark ii. The frame rate and focus is amazing. I need to work on using those focus points because I find it like to center focus a lot. I primarily used the 24-70 2.8L and the 70-200 2.8L.

But it was still a fun day.

The bengals linebacker coach participated in the race too! Here he is looking all pensive and stuff. Look at the concentration on his face!

The videographer Chad in a helicopter doing some video work above! Real cool

The only crash I got in a photograph. As I said, it was hard to cover because of the huge track. Right as I left a place, not a minute later a crash would happen at the place I was at previously.

I had to work with different types of lights and it very interesting getting different looks out of the images.

As you can see there were crazy amounts of contrast in lighting everywhere. This was on top of the macy's building.

Pro BMX rider Tony Neyer interviewing a driver

The winners!

Victor Huang

Victor Huang Photography

Red Bull City Swarm

Cincinnati Fountain Square


Camera Bag

I got a new camera bag! And it's awesome! It is the Think Tank Airport Security and it has wheels! This is perfect for me because I can keep it with me when I fly! It fits the standards and it acts as my carry on!

Anyways, I thought I would do my first video! And show how I pack it and what my gear is! Enjoy. Sorry for the annoying whine in the background...don't know what it is.

What's in the bag from Victor Huang on Vimeo.

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