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Red Bull 4Pack

Last thursday I hung out with the Red Bull Wiings Team as they did their Red Bull 4pack activation. Simple shoot, was suppose to grab moments of handing out the 4packs, checking out the texts and stuff. Real simple documentation. We also had some fun, girls just love jumping photographs. Should have some more interesting blog posts coming up! Stay tuned!

Red Bull 4Pack

Victor Huang Photography

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Red Bull


November Desktop Wallpaper

Here is the November Desktop Wallpaper. Since it's SO cold, I thought I would warm you guys up with some of the california coastline. I took this while I was out in California during spring break. It was nice and warm! Hope this warms your spirits during this cold cold month.

Victor Huang Photography

Columbus Wedding Photography



I'm going to give you a preview of what happens when I get sick. My...hygiene goes to hell as you can see by my room

This was my room before.  I can't sleep in my bed when I'm sick. For some reason I don't feel comfortable in my bed when I'm sick. You can also see that I don't care about where I throw my clothes after I wear them, lol. The trash bag is filled with a mound of used tissues from me blowing my nose constantly. I told myself today that I needed to clean my room because it was a total mess!

And I did. As you can see, I decorated a bit too. I finally added some of my prints to the walls. You can't see it but I also put some of my prints on the other wall too.

Today marks the first day that I attempt to make a photograph everyday. Now I didn't say I was going to post a photograph a day, but just make one. So I plan on not posting every photograph I take otherwise my blog would would overflow with nonsense. So today, I went out and shot with my diana for a project and shot this little diptych. This also is attempt number 2 to just write about my life and not just my work. Here you go "anna the most awesome advice giver of all time", another blog post not just about my work. =)

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