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A couple of weeks ago, I went down to the scioto river to photograph a wakeboarding competition. It was quite an experience because it was my first time photographing it. This is what I love about photography. A lot of the times, you are plunged into new scenarios and situations and you need to make it work. That is what is so exciting for me when I photograph things. Thanks to Brandon Labardee from Avitae for setting this shoot up for me.

This is one of the sequences I did for clayton underwood , an amazing wakeboard athlete.

This guy was a character, and really talented.

It started storming right at the end of the of the tournament and I thought they were going to stop but...nope! They kept going and it was coldddd! I was definitely not prepared for the rain..haha. Good thing my camera is water-resistant.

It was really cloudy that day...really muggy. So the majority of the photographs are kind of....not as interesting. If there was some shadows and sun, I think it would have been better.

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I am so sorry readers that I haven't blogged in a long time! Life has been busy and good. I will update you on some things that have been happening. I started shooting for the Lantern which is OSU's student run newspaper. Just my luck that Osama decided to die last Sunday. this enabled me to capture some of the celebration that was happening at OSU that night. AP (associated press), and american news agency (well known one),  saw one of my images from that night and wanted to use it in one of their stories! woah! So my photograph has been seen around the country. AWESOME!

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I also was able to photograph a band that I haven't heard in a long time. Yellowcard! Shooting a live shows are really hard. Things are happening everywhere, lights are flashing everywhere messing with the camera meter, your exposure is mostly always off by a bit, it's just crazy! kids are moshing, surfing and falling on you. You are just shooting like crazy hoping that you'll get a good image. But it's a rush and it's so fun! this is my favorite image of the night. The lead singer of yellowcard, check out the pick-holder. haha =)

© All Rights Reserved Victor Huang Photography

Yellowcard was not the headliner so I was also able to photograph All Time Low. Don't really know the punk scene, but they put on a good show! The lead guitarist was a character! So fun to photograph.

© All Rights Reserved Victor Huang Photography

© All Rights Reserved Victor Huang Photography


Retreat recap

Hey all

This year during retreat I didn't really have time to take a lot photographs because I was really focusing on my video but I was still able to take some. I thought I would show you my favorites! Actually most of the time, I had other people use my camera to shoot. But here are my fav's that I shot.

I thought this image showed the person trying his hardest while in the background, the people are cheering him on!

I love this image because it's at the peak moment of worship. The peak moment of emotion.

Here is a look in my crazy life. From left to right, me, my brother, and my two cousins. This is our panther pose! Photo credit: Anna.

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