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Amy + Kyle // Wedding

I flew to Columbus last week to photograph a wonderful wedding. I met Amy and Kyle through a mutual friend of ours in college. Amy was roommates with the friend and Kyle was manager at the bar that the friend's parents owned. They were such a cute couple! I remember Amy telling me before all this, that she wanted me to photograph her future wedding. So I was so excited to reunite with old college friends and celebrate such a wonderful day.

Amy got her hair done at Phia Salon in the Short North. And they got married at the beautiful catholic church of Holy Rosary St. John with Father Wagner officiating the wedding. Their reception was at Kyle's parents house. It was a wonderful day

Gordon Wedding-2 Gordon Wedding-3 Gordon Wedding-10 Gordon Wedding-7 Gordon Wedding-14 Gordon Wedding-11 copy Gordon Wedding-15 Gordon Wedding-18 Gordon Wedding-19 Gordon Wedding-21 Gordon Wedding-23 Gordon Wedding-24

while the ladies got ready in Columbus, the men were prepping the reception at the house

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Cocoa Puffs, part of a healthy breakfast!

Gordon Wedding-4 Gordon Wedding-5 Gordon Wedding-6 Gordon Wedding-8

Kyle got a custom tailored suit for the wedding.

Gordon Wedding-9 Gordon Wedding-25


Gordon Wedding-26


Gordon Wedding-16 Gordon Wedding-17 Gordon Wedding-27

fighting back the tears

Gordon Wedding-28 Gordon Wedding-29

This church was so beautiful!

Gordon Wedding-30

Gordon Wedding-31 Gordon Wedding-32 Gordon Wedding-33 Gordon Wedding-34 Gordon Wedding-35 Gordon Wedding-36 Gordon Wedding-47 Gordon Wedding-48 copy

Although the light was pretty harsh and bright, I think we still did pretty well =)

Gordon Wedding-37 Gordon Wedding-39 Gordon Wedding-38

Work it girl!

Gordon Wedding-40 Gordon Wedding-41

Kyle showing off his goofy side, blue steel.

Gordon Wedding-43 Gordon Wedding-44

One of my favorite photographs from the couple session. They are such models!

Gordon Wedding-45 Gordon Wedding-46 Gordon Wedding-42 Gordon Wedding-51 Gordon Wedding-52 Gordon Wedding-54 Gordon Wedding-55 Gordon Wedding-56 Gordon Wedding-57

Amy + Kyle had a live band at their wedding. They were amazing and rocked the dance party.

Gordon Wedding-61 Gordon Wedding-59 Gordon Wedding-63 Gordon Wedding-64 Gordon Wedding-62

Long exposure

Gordon Wedding-58 Gordon Wedding-60

Thank you so much for letting me fly in and be a part of your special day. I had a wonderful time capturing and making memories. I wish the best of luck as you two start this new part of your journey together.



It's been awhile since I have done a personal post so bear with me.

I have been blessed to have been able to travel all around the country these past couple of months, some for work and some for leisure. It's been great making new friends in all these different places. I'm so happy to have met you all.

This monday, I am moving to Dallas Fort Worth, Texas to start a new chapter in my life. I'm going to be attending the School of Music at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. It is a two year masters program. I'm going to be majoring in Vocal Performance because singing is something that has always been in my life. I have never been trained in it, and I desire to get some formal training.

It didn't really hit me until this week that I was leaving since I'm packing and trying to sort out everything. I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I'm really excited to go to Seminary, to make new friends and to learn about music and theology. On the other hand, I'm a bit sad because I was actually taking a liking to Columbus, especially after graduating college. The people here and my church community are amazing and I feel as if I'm leaving my family. Just today at church, I was reminiscing with a good friend of mine John about the first day I came to 4C and how things were much more simple back then. Good times.

I know seminary is where God wants me and what God has called me to at this moment, so that is where I'm going!

With this massive change, I decided that the website needs a change also. So with the help of my good friend Kevan, I have a new look! It's totally different from the original and I'm still trying to sort things out and make it look like I want it to. It's updated with new photographs and new videos of my work.


In terms of photography, all of it is kind of up in the air. Since I'm moving, I kind of lose my "networks". If people want to fly me out to do their weddings, I'd be more than willing to do so. I don't know how much wedding photography I will be doing but I'm not worried. I know I'm called to use my creativity in some form or another. Things might start shifting to more personal work or I might be doing different projects. Who knows!? I still have 4 wedding highlights to post so keep an eye out for them.

I hate saying good bye...and I'm terrible at them, but to all my friends in Columbus, farewell? You all have played an important part in shaping who I am as a person. I'm very grateful for you all letting me be a part of your lives.




Wang Family // Portraits

Before I left for my trip, I had the fortunate opportunity to photograph the Wang Family! They have been so kind to me taking me in and feeding me during the holidays since my family doesn't live around me anymore! So photographing them was a pretty fun time. I kept it short and simple, nothing to crazy. I just found some good light and placed them in front of it!


Started with some test shots to see where the light was falling and where I needed to put some light in.


some more test shots, missed focus =(

used a flash and shot it upward to reflect off the low ceiling. This created a nice soft, even, overhead softbox

You always have to throw the solemn pose in

Brothers goofing off

Put them at the edge of shadow where they light is just hitting the backs. (backlighting always wins)

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