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Wang Family // Portraits

Before I left for my trip, I had the fortunate opportunity to photograph the Wang Family! They have been so kind to me taking me in and feeding me during the holidays since my family doesn't live around me anymore! So photographing them was a pretty fun time. I kept it short and simple, nothing to crazy. I just found some good light and placed them in front of it!


Started with some test shots to see where the light was falling and where I needed to put some light in.


some more test shots, missed focus =(

used a flash and shot it upward to reflect off the low ceiling. This created a nice soft, even, overhead softbox

You always have to throw the solemn pose in

Brothers goofing off

Put them at the edge of shadow where they light is just hitting the backs. (backlighting always wins)


Happy Thanksgiving

Hey all!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! From my family to yours! We are currently in San Antonio where my parents just moved a couple of months ago! This is our first Thanksgiving together in the new house in a new place! Fun times.


I'm thankful for my family first and foremost. For their hard work and their dedication in what they do. I'm thankful for my close friends who have supported, encouraged, and backed me up in this past quarter. I'm thankful for a job and being able to take photographs. I'm thankful for being healthy and living.


classic family portrait

Getting a little goofy

The parents are getting there!

Had to get the asian deuces

the even more asian

and the final!



I shot this last week for my lighting project. I think I am going to continue this for my final project so we are shooting at the end of the week!

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