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Hey everyone

I just wanted to introduce my friend Boris here. He is my roommate and ladies, he is single! so watch out! I met him while I was at costco. I randomly bumped into him and we hit it off, hung out a couple of times and got to know each other pretty well. Now he's my roommate.

(for the ladies) Here is some information you might want to know. He's really messy! Every time I come home, my room is a mess! He never cleans after himself and is really lazy! He likes to sit there and watch TV all day. But other than that he is a really cool dude. He's a big softie, hah.


Victor Huang Photography


Red Bull Barmaster

My BFA Review went well and I am now officially in the program for photography. School is really kicking my butt. On Wednesday I got 1 hour of sleep because I was in the photo lab printing for a class. I have multiple projects and research papers due next week. This weekend is going to be no play and all work.

This past Tuesday, Red Bull had another barmaster event at Panini's. This was one tough sucker to light. The bar itself is pretty large and dark! So shooting this event without flash was impossible. I positioned one flash pointing at the bar and other one pointing at the table/lounge area. I took the omnibounce covers off the flashes because I wanted some hard directional light. It creates great dramatic lighting. It was really hard to fine a great place to put the flash because there was an overhang there and the flash wouldn't reach there so I avoided photographing stuff there. Another problem was that I had to make the flash extra powerful so it would reach other side of the bar so when I got closer I had to remember increase aperture so it wouldn't blow out my highlights. It was rather a pain...haha. Oh well, I think I got some good images for the Red Bull guys. Here are some of the images.

If you want to view all the images from this event you can go here

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This weekend has been frantically busy. On saturday I was at church from 10am-8pm doing various meetings and practices. Today was just as busy, more church from 9-3:30. On top of that, I have projects in each class due this week or next week. Man, this quarter is really difficult. Anyways I haven't had much time to shoot for myself so I don't have any new work to show.  Instead of leaving you with no image, I thought I would share an image from my trip to New York a couple weeks back. I found this image hilarious.

These are my friends and they are acting out a new york city mugging. I thought her facial expression was very humorous. How would you describe her expression?

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