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Wang Family // Portraits

Before I left for my trip, I had the fortunate opportunity to photograph the Wang Family! They have been so kind to me taking me in and feeding me during the holidays since my family doesn't live around me anymore! So photographing them was a pretty fun time. I kept it short and simple, nothing to crazy. I just found some good light and placed them in front of it!


Started with some test shots to see where the light was falling and where I needed to put some light in.


some more test shots, missed focus =(

used a flash and shot it upward to reflect off the low ceiling. This created a nice soft, even, overhead softbox

You always have to throw the solemn pose in

Brothers goofing off

Put them at the edge of shadow where they light is just hitting the backs. (backlighting always wins)


California // OC

Orange county! One of my favorite places. Not only is the weather/beach/girls are amazing, my relatives live here! I photographed my grandparents last time I was here. Jeff and I traveled up Monday morning from San Diego to OC.

My cousins were amazing hosts and took us everywhere. We first ate breakfast/lunch at this restaurant called Bruxie in downtown orange. They serve waffle sandwiches. It was really good! Afterward we headed to Newport Beach where we went paddle boarding. We ate some more scrumptious food at Taco Mesa and then went back to nap. That evening we randomly got massages and then ate boiling crab! Boiling crab was so good, it is officially my favorite seafood place. They bring out the seafood in bags and you eat with your hands. The sauce they cook it in is amazing. It was delicious. All of these things you can see on the vlog.

After dinner this is where Jeff and I separated! =( He went back to SD and I stayed in OC. Our adventure came to an end!


The next day I went fishing with my grandpa. This is something that I have done almost every time I come to visit. My Grandpa loves fishing. We went to go pier fishing at Huntington Beach. After fishing we ate lunch at ebisu and then we chilled at the house playing some guitar. We went to dinner at Class 302, a boba shop. Got my beef noodle soup on and some amazing boba. I got to meet up with Gigi a friend from back home that works in Cali now. It was a good time catching up with her and talking about old times!

There isn't as many seagulls here as there is in Miami, and they look so much cleaner.


You can tell you caught a sardine when the scales come off easily when you go to grab the fish

Sardines and Smelt

Aunt cleaning fishies


Last Leg // San Diego

Sorry I haven't updated in the last couple of days. I'm currently in OC at my cousin's house. It's been a busy couple of days and I haven't been able to write at all!

We left Las Vegas and drove to San Diego in around 5 hours. It was great to finally be done with the Road Trip! As much as we love to visit new places, driving there is very tiring.

In San Diego we ate some korean food, some pho, and I ate food plantation for the first time! I got to meet a lot of Jeff's friend and also got to see my cousin Stacey!


I didn't take too many photographs but I got an awesome vlog for you all to watch!


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