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Red Bull Cincinnati Crosstown Barmaster

Mondays is usually my day to catch up on all the work I didn't do during the weekend, one of that is to summarize the last week! Last tuesday I headed down to Cincinnati for a last minute shoot with Red Bull. It was a unique barmaster where it was two college's competing against each other! Pretty cool concept and idea. Pretty cut and simple, here are some of the images from the shoot.

Tech details. These were all shot with one light off to the side. It was so dark in there that my camera had trouble focusing as you can see in the last photograph. I really dislike shooting in the dark because it's so hard to get focus at the right moment. My camera has to hunt for the focus and a lot of the times I have to focus manually. A lot of my shooting involves me sticking the camera above my head so it's really hard to get it right. Hopefully Red Bull gives me more shoots where it's not in pitch black darkness *hint hint wink wink* hah. It was still an awesome event and Amy the sbm did a good job putting it together. I also got to hang out with all my friends I have made in cincinnati because most of them all were there. CJ Townsend tore it up on the turntables for the afterparty.

This is my favorite image because he is in midpour!

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I love my job

As a photographer, I'm always faced with interesting situations and uncertainty. Last weekend, I was suppose to photograph a rail jam event in columbus but for some reason, I couldn't get a hold of the event coordinator and I didn't end up going. I was going to go to work on my action sport photography. So I was quite bummed that I was not able to go, because that is what I like and am interested in.

But this morning I was contacted by one of my clients for a last minute shoot. I had bid for the job earlier and but they had already found another photographer, but I was notified this morning that the photographer had backed out. So tonight, I'm heading over to Cincinnati for a Red Bull Barmaster. DJ Clockwork and CJ Townsend, both amazing DJ's are going to be there hanging out and spinning. It's going to be sweet!

And later this week I'm going to be photographing a party that Red Bull has put together with Fly.Union! They are an emerging hip hop rap group in the Columbus area. I have been checking out their music and some of it's been catchy, but other have been very "real" Check out their stuff at I really like the song, "less is more" Good stuff. Anyways. I'll post some photographs later this week.

Victor Huang Photography


November Desktop Wallpaper

Here is the November Desktop Wallpaper. Since it's SO cold, I thought I would warm you guys up with some of the california coastline. I took this while I was out in California during spring break. It was nice and warm! Hope this warms your spirits during this cold cold month.

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