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Last Leg // San Diego

Sorry I haven't updated in the last couple of days. I'm currently in OC at my cousin's house. It's been a busy couple of days and I haven't been able to write at all!

We left Las Vegas and drove to San Diego in around 5 hours. It was great to finally be done with the Road Trip! As much as we love to visit new places, driving there is very tiring.

In San Diego we ate some korean food, some pho, and I ate food plantation for the first time! I got to meet a lot of Jeff's friend and also got to see my cousin Stacey!


I didn't take too many photographs but I got an awesome vlog for you all to watch!



Fifth Leg // Las Vegas

We left Utah early in the morning and drove through Utah, Arizona, and into Nevada. It was very interesting seeing the massive change in climate and landscape. From Snowy Mountains, to desert mountains, to flat desert.

Once in Las Vegas, we hit the strip and ended up at the Bellagio where we ate dinner at the buffet. It was really good! All you can eat crab legs! While eating dinner, we met this man who was a local and he told us the low-down on Las Vegas. We chatted about celebrities and casinos, and even about the prostitution in Vegas. Did you know that prostitution is actually illegal in Vegas but not in Nevada?! I didn't know that.

After saying goodbye, we hit the strip once again to check out the Bellagio's dancing fountain. We wanted to also see the Mirage Volcano, but we didn't want to wait 30 minutes for it. It was slightly sprinkling/windy so the Siren show at Treasure Island wasn't playing.

We ended up in the Riviera where we watched a stand up comedy show. Good stuff.

Overall though it was short, my Vegas experience was good.

Tomorrow we head to San Diego! I get to see my cousin! Whee










Fourth Leg // Hot Springs and Utah

Today we left Denver and drove to Provo, Utah. The ride was not boring at all. There were beautiful mountains all around us as we drove to Utah. The scenery was amazing. Randomly we found out that there were some hot springs in Glennwood Springs so we made a unplanned pit stop. It was pretty fun hanging out in a natural hot spring surrounded by mountains.

Utah was just as beautiful. There were a combination of mountains and flat land. We could see for miles!

Once we got to Provo, we met up with Jeff's friend and talked about some Morman stuff. Interesting....

We ate dinner at Four Seasons Hot Pot and Dumplings. It is this all you can eat hot pot place. I think that's pretty random for being in Provo, Utah. It was delicious!

The hotel we are staying at won't let me upload the vlog! So I will upload it when we get to vegas.




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