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Back into the busyness

I'm sitting at LAX right now, looking at the sunrise and listening to some worship music. It's beautiful and a great reminder of how awesome God is!

So ends my vacation to California. It was a memorable and awesome trip. I wish I could stay longer...actually I wish I could stay forever, but school/church calls me back. I'm probably going to not be able to post as frequently because I'm about to enter the busiest quarter ever. Photo jobs will probably be more frequent. Church is becoming even more "hectic". Teaching a guitar class with Norman and recording music with the Shing Connection/Norman Ai Band/Victor Huang Train/Jacqueline Lee. School is going to be so much work! Taking large format (view camera) and lighting. Just observing the lighting students last quarter gives me the chills.


Palos Verdes

We went to Palos Verdes today to see a different view of the ocean. We saw whales!

whale watchers...they stay there all day long and watch for whales. yep...



My uncle told me of the iconic structure at manhattan beach. So I've been going everyday to try to photograph manhattan beach in sunset. I've come up with several image. You can see a real difference from one day to another. What is your favorite? =) I usually don't do landscapes but...I had to try, and I'm pretty satisfied with the results.

This is from the first day, as you can see it was really cloudy so I didn't know how it would turn out. I'm not really satisfied with the results from that day. I tried hdr and wasn't really satisfied either.

I like the clouds in this one but i'm not feeling the composition in it.

This is probably my pick from the first day.

The rest of these images are from the second day. See how different it can be. The first two are very similar. I couldn't decide which I liked better.

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