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Hilary + Jimmy // Wedding

Wow, it has been a long time since I have written on this blog. I've been through a lot of transition and change since you all have last read, but I will save that for another post. This is about Hilary + Jimmy. I had the honor of photographing their wedding in Reno, Nevada earlier last month and it was a blast. I met Hilary through Anna, my girlfriend. They have been roommates since they started graduate school together. Because of that, i've been able to witness part of the journey that Hilary and Jimmy went through. Hilary and Jimmy are a dynamic couple, born out of long distance and cross fit! They got married in Camp WeChMe in the southern end of Reno, Nevada. There was worry that it would be wet day because it had been raining the day before, but the we were met with beautiful blue skies on that Saturday morning. Their wedding was filled with goofyness, heartfelt moments, lip-sync battles, line dancing, joy and laughter. Enjoy this preview of Hilary + Jimmy.





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Maggie + Ethan // Engagement

Engagement sessions are always fun to photograph. Not only do I get to explore the city and see new places, there is no rush and no urgency to finish a shoot, like a wedding. Instead, I can take my time with the couple, making sure that each location is thoroughly explored. It was a beautiful sunny day with surprisingly cool weather. Crazy right? Texas weather around this time is usually getting hotter, but we have been lucky to have some cooler days. I was lucky to be able to photograph Maggie and Ethan's engagement photographs the weekend after their proposal. I really enjoy being able document a couple's story as they move towards marriage. If you guys haven't seen Ethan's proposal, check it out here.

For Maggie and Ethan's engagement shoot, we started out at the Seminary, moved to Trinity Park, then the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, and finished at the Methodist church downtown and Melt's yellow wall. Maggie and Ethan were both so photogenic and were pretty awesome at following my posing directions.

maggie+ethan proposal-1

maggie+ethan proposal-2

maggie+ethan proposal-3

maggie+ethan proposal-4

maggie+ethan proposal-5Maggie wanted some pictures with a hammock, and I just fell in love with this series!

maggie+ethan proposal-6 copy

maggie+ethan proposal-8

maggie+ethan proposal-9

maggie+ethan proposal-10

maggie+ethan proposal-11Ethan is a funny guy, so we naturally had some fun.

maggie+ethan proposal-12going on an adventure!

maggie+ethan proposal-13

After Trinity Park, we headed to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. Ethan was going to originally propose here. You can read more about that story heremaggie+ethan proposal-14

maggie+ethan proposal-15

maggie+ethan proposal-16It was really windy, so Maggie was constantly adjusting her hair.

maggie+ethan proposal-17

But when the wind died down, it was perfect!maggie+ethan proposal-18

maggie+ethan proposal-19

This yellow wall at Melt is so fun to take photographs at.maggie+ethan proposal-20

maggie+ethan proposal-21

maggie+ethan proposal-22


Summer 2011

Hey all,

Thought I would just update you on what has been happening this summer so far. I have gotten into a bit of a routine. Basically my schedule monday through friday is like this:

9:30 - 11:18: Class at OSU. I'm taking history 151. It's the history on the americas. It's interesting because I'm learning new things about things I am familiar with. But it's just constant lecture and a lot of notes. And it also has a lot of reading =/

Then I eat lunch somewhere, sometimes I'll visit chris at bento and chill for a bit before heading to my photo internship.

I either go to my internship at 12 or 1 depending on if there is a shoot that day.

1:00 - 5:00: Internship. At the internship I usually have a couple of projects I work on. If there are shoots, then I assist on them by holding reflectors or set up equipment.

Then after work, I go home and change. Then I just go hang out with friends or whatever.

Last week, I have been over to A's house to work on her bathroom. We took off the wallpaper and then painted the walls and ceilings. If you have been following my vlogs, then you will see the color and stuff. It's been an interesting but fun experience.
So that's my schedule for a month. School, work, play. It's not as stressful because I'm taking one class. It's nice. It's been a fun summer for far. Busy but fun!
A couple of days' ago, I had a little info session at my house with my friends. A lot of them recently just got dslr's and have not clue what the cameras do. So I went through the basics: aperture, shutter speed, iso. It was fun. I did a little shoot to demonstrate some off camera lighting and things like that. Here is a photograph of my friend chris. Yes, you can see the light in the background and it isn't the best composed image, but I was just showing some lighting.

Alright, that's it for now, if you want to see more of my life, then watch my video logs at


Victor Huang

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