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It’s coming….

Your throat is sore, your nose is starting to get congested, you get a dull numbing pain in your head, and you feel tired. Everyone probably has experienced something like this and everyone knows what it means. YOU ARE GETTING SICK =(

That is what I feel right now. My throat has been sore for the last couple of days, and I have woken up with headaches and congestion. It's not full blown yet, but I feel it.

I can't get sick! There is too many projects going on right now!

Thursday: Red Bull Chariot Race
Friday (got to get down on friday): Video shoot
Saturday: Photographing a show


Anyways, I leave you with a photo from when it was raining and I was photographing the Crew Game.

Victor Huang

PS. As an extra photo for everyone to laugh at. Here is a picture of me at the Crew Game compared to some veteran photographer..LOL


Lupe Fiasco Concert

I got a chance through the Lantern to photograph Lupe Fiasco for the Big Three Concert Weekend. Fun stuff. Here are the images. I did a little Behind the Scenes video also for those who want to know what I do when I photograph concerts. Fun stuff.

Victor Huang



A couple of weeks ago, I went down to the scioto river to photograph a wakeboarding competition. It was quite an experience because it was my first time photographing it. This is what I love about photography. A lot of the times, you are plunged into new scenarios and situations and you need to make it work. That is what is so exciting for me when I photograph things. Thanks to Brandon Labardee from Avitae for setting this shoot up for me.

This is one of the sequences I did for clayton underwood , an amazing wakeboard athlete.

This guy was a character, and really talented.

It started storming right at the end of the of the tournament and I thought they were going to stop but...nope! They kept going and it was coldddd! I was definitely not prepared for the rain..haha. Good thing my camera is water-resistant.

It was really cloudy that day...really muggy. So the majority of the photographs are kind of....not as interesting. If there was some shadows and sun, I think it would have been better.

Victor Huang

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